Bicycle Culture

Bicycle culture is not something that can be forced upon a society – it needs to be understood and ingrained into all strata of a community.

The are many examples where a top-down approach has failed to get a bicycle culture accepted by the main stream – you do not have to look too far to see bike lanes that are seen as extra parking paces for cars or shared footways that are dominated by pedestrians. See the video bleow as an example of crap cycle lanes. The result of these is that they are not used and the cyclists are considered ungrateful which leads to a spiralling was of two wheels against four.

Will O the wisp thinks that the only way to get a bicycle culture that is really accepted is by encouraging bikes at school – the involves parents and teachers going out of their way to make it safe and secure for children to get to school on bicycles from as young as five years old – the skills they and their parents learn will stay with them for the rest of their lives and within a generation the country will accept cycling in urban areas every bit as much as they do in Holland an other areas of Europe.